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Industry Leading Medical Billing and Practice Management

Whether you’re looking to reshape your practice or make changes to increase profitability, you’re in the right hands with Moore Support Services.

Our Services

Moore Support Services offers a number of cost-effective solutions, designed to keep your practice running as smooth as possible — at all times.



There’s no need to stress over margins — we’ll do all the heavy lifting, making sure your practice is operating in the green by as much as achievable.

Insurance Billing

Seeking remuneration from an insurance provider is not for the faint-hearted, but we’re persistent; submitting, following up and appealing claims until they’re settled.


Dealing with finances is stressful, but it’s where we excel — our experienced Billing Consultants will handle all your practice’s incoming and outgoing payments.


Our best-in-class Director of Accounting Services will ensure your practice’s quarterly and annual tax is taken care of on time, to the absolute highest standard.

A Medical Billing Company Like No Other

We will make sure that all charges are captured, coded, processed and subsequently balanced in a timely manner, communicating with insurance providers and patients.

We offer bespoke packages that will suit your practice’s requirements — no matter how specialized — working closely with your contractors and staff for optimum results.

We’ll converse with your patients by email and over the phone, providing best-in-class customer service — taking the frustration out of having to deal with medical bills.

Let’s Talk 

Schedule a free consultation to find out how Moore Support Services can take your practice to new heights, increasing revenue and decreasing expenses.


Moore Support Services

We’re located at 305 N 3rd St, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814, USA.