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Our Services

Moore Support Services is a HIPPA-regulated one-stop-shop for all your practice’s financial needs, offering everything from Insurance and Medical Billing to Payroll and Taxes — and everything in between.


We’ll conduct an audit to identify all the different areas of risk in your practice; we’ll arrange a meeting to discern your concerns before we conduct the audit, then we’ll proceed with the deep-dive, recommending vital changes to assure you’re operating in the green.


Our experienced Accounting Department will accurately and efficiently perform all the accounting and tax services required by the state your practice is located in, evaluating revenue and expenses, and setting goals to ensure your practice is profiting as much as possible.


Our skilled Billing Consultants will analyse your ongoing contracts, then form a relationship with the distributors to establish profitable agreements, reviewing your fee schedule on an annual basis, adjusting them as changes occur with government pricing and insurance carriers.

Insurance Billing

We’ll take the hassle out of Insurance Billing, communicating with health insurance providers to submit, follow up on and appeal claims until they’re balanced for all services rendered; such as consultations, treatments and procedures.

Medical Billing

Our crack team of Medical Coders will ensure all charges have been captured, coded and processed in a timely manner, while also following up on denied or incorrect claims, to make sure that all payments flowing through the practice are balanced to ensure accurate Accounting.


Our team of Payroll Processors will handle all regular payments leaving your practice — be it to contractors, part-time or full-time staff. They’ll also take care of all your employee benefits, ensuring everyone has access to what they’re entitled to, when they’re entitled to it.


Our best-in-class Director of Accounting Services will take the reins when it comes to your practice’s quarterly and annual tax; applying the relevant reductions, filing the returns and making the subsequent payments on time, to the absolute highest standard. 

A Medical Billing Company Like No Other

We will make sure that all charges are captured, coded, processed and subsequently balanced in a timely manner, communicating with insurance providers and patients.

We offer bespoke packages that will suit your practice’s requirements — no matter how specialized — working closely with your contractors and staff for optimum results.

We’ll converse with your patients by email and over the phone, providing best-in-class customer service — taking the frustration out of having to deal with medical bills.

Let’s Talk 

Schedule a free consultation to find out how Moore Support Services can take your practice to new heights, increasing revenue and decreasing expenses.